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Assurance Valve Systems - THE ELIMINATOR

History of the Invention
As a restaurant manager, my main concerns were quality and constancy of products and service. The restaurant that I managed had a 㳥lf serve䠳oda fountain. Once a week, or more, we would run out of CO2. Someone would have to run to the basement, find a wrench, change out the cylinder, run back upstairs, and pour about a gallon of product down the drain. Who knows how many flat soft drinks were served during these incidents.

I insisted that myself, or the assistant manager did the change outs, so it would be done correctly, and there would be no injuries to untrained employees.

When I thought about it I realized that it wasnⴠthe 㬵ck of the draw䠴hat made the CO2 run out during the busiest times. We did 80% of our sales in the rush periods; consequently there was an 80% chance that we run out of CO2 during these times.

I set out to fix the problem. With some help from friends at the University Of OregonⳠphysics department, and a couple years of hard work, viola! The ELIMINATOR was born!

The prototype is still in the restaurant of which I spoke and has required no service during that time. They havenⴠrun out of CO2 or served a flat soft drink since May of 1991!

Earl Wilson